What Is Wedding Season In Acnh?


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Published: 10 Dec 2021

The golden candlestick

The golden candlestick is a craftable furniture. It will be a nice touch to have it at your wedding. You can get the recipe from a washed up bottle. You will need 2 gold coins to make it.

The Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Wedding Season takes place during the month of June in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. During the month of June, players will be able to assist Harvey on his Photopia island earn themed wedding rewards. Harvey will be talking to the owners of the Re-Tail shop.

Harvey will need your help decorating the perfect sets for a married couple who are looking to get some photos for their anniversary. You can trade Reese's Heart Crystals for more rewards if you do it right. The amount of Heart Crystals you can receive depends on a number of factors.

ACNH Wedding Season 2021

The New Horizons Wedding Season is scheduled to start on June 1st, 2021. The event is time-locked until the June Update of ACNH, which is when Version 1.10.0.a will be released. During the Wedding Season, players can still earn Heart Crystals to exchange wedding-themed items, and help the local lovebirds Reese and Cyrus decorate a room for them and take their wedding photos every day.

Rees and Cyrus are not on the island of S1

Reese and Cyrus will not be on your island. You can visit them all year round if you have updated the game to Version 2.0 and built their shop.

Harv's Island

The event should be the same as any other event in the game. It won't start until the new day starts at 5am. It will not be available until the day begins at 5 a.m., but players can visit Harv's Island at any time once it begins.

The time of day and the types a possible invasion on your island

The type of bugs and fish you can catch on your island can be affected by the time of day. Some bugs and fish will only show up during a certain time of day.

The New Day of Summer Shells

Even though the dates change at 12 AM, the new day will still be available until 4:59 AM, just before the daily island-wide broadcast is made. Summer Shells will be gone in the Northern Hemisphere on August 31 Summer Shells can still be seen on your island until Sept. 1 at 4:59 AM if the new day hasn't started yet. You can celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival by watching the cherry blossom trees turn pink, and you can also make your own cherry blossom items.

Reesing the Universe

Reese will ask you to take a picture. Make everyone feel like you want them to by making them emotional with their reactions. Take a picture.

The Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

On June 1st, you'll be greeted by a PSA from Isabella that tells you that love is in the air. Finally. She's suggesting that the entire month of June is wedding season in the game, which means new stuff for you to do and new items for you to earn.

You can see that the two sweet people in question are Reese and Cyrus, two animals you may or may not have met in the 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Harv tells you that they're after some celebratory photos. He wants you to help him by providing props and styling his sets, because he has a studio but no props.

Cyrus and the Wedding Season

The table below shows all of the wedding themed items you can exchange with Cyrus during the Wedding Season event. You can sort by Heart Crystal Cost and Photo Shoots Unlock by using the Search field. You can find a complete listing of every variation of the Wedding Season event item reward in Animal Crossing: New Horizons below, but you can also use the tables in the sections above.

The Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will begin on June 1, 2020. It's the only one that will take place in June. It will not be available until the day begins at 5 a.m., but players can visit Harv's Island at any time once it begins.

The Wedding Season is not a Part of the Series

The Wedding Dress, Wedding Fence, Wedding Dress, Wedding Tuxedo, Bridal Veil, Wedding Pumps, and Wedding Shoes are obtained during the Wedding Season, but are not considered part of the Wedding Series.

The May Update for SU(2)

The May update will include three returning holidays that have been refreshed for 2021, as well as a bunch of old and new seasonal events, some of which add even more new items to the game.

The Wedding Season of Animal Crossing: A Tale Of Two Faces

With the wedding season upon us, some players are drawing inspiration from the event for some truly disturbing player creations. The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons gave gaming fans a calm escape from the real world. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is getting a reputation for its elaborate constructions and even cheekier meme surrounding some of the game's updates. The inclusion of the Easter event led to angry posts about the mascot, who was more of a nuisance than a celebration.

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