What Is Wedding Xcaret?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 11 Dec 2021

Wedding Decorations with Dance Floor

Adding dance floors to your wedding will make your guests more fond of you. A wooden dance floor should add around $1000 to your wedding price, while vinyl and LEDs should cost more. It is a touch of delicacy to serve floral to your wedding tables.

Prices for floral and decor services are different depending on your needs. The cost of wedding party bouquets can be as high as $125. Adding the cost to your Xcaret wedding price is the best way to estimate the cost of floral and decor.

The Wedding Planner at Xcaret Mexico

Your initial deposit is based on the total amount of your wedding package choice, plus any additional guests over 30 guests. You will pay a deposit equal to 30% of the total of the wedding package and 30% of the total of the additional guests you expect. If your guest count goes up, you will have to pay an additional amount.

It is important to note that you are not able to decrease your guest count, once you book your date and finalize your wedding contract, so be very careful not to over-estimate the number of guests that you think will attend. If you sign a wedding contract for 50 guests and 40 attend, you will not be able to get a credit or refunds for 10 guests that did not attend. You can increase your guest count, but you can't decrease it.

If you are not a resort guest, you will pay a day pass fee for each of the staff members if you bring your own wedding Planner. You will meet with your wedding coordination at Hotel Xcaret Mexico a few days before your wedding to finalize all the details. You can add any additional last-minute services at that time, but please be aware that any services that are added last minute are subject to availability.

The Hotel Xcaret: A Destination Wedding Resort

The Hotel Xcaret is a wedding resort that is located along the Caribbean Sea, ideal for a destination wedding for explorers. The property uses a style of architecture called the Mayand can be used for a wedding ceremony along the beach or in the coves of the resort. The wedding guests will love the opportunities for exploration, including full access to the nearby Xcaret Park, which includes cenotes, ATV rides and more.

The Hotel Xcaret has a variety of wedding packages. The entry-level package does not include a reception. There is a bridal suite and romantic breakfast after the ceremony.

Quintana Roo: A Tropical paradise with no waves

The state of Quintana Roo has invested in major government clean ups so the beaches are now looking like they used to, and prevention methods are in place to stop it from happening in the future. The secondary beach with no waves and soft sand is great because it means you can relax without the fear of the little ones being swept away by a big wave.

Xcaret Weddings

The most memorable day of your life is your wedding. Xcaret Weddings has all the options to help you achieve your goal of having a spectacular wedding on the Riviera Maya.

Chapel Todo Los Angeles Wedding Ceremony

There are 14 unique wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception venues to choose from between Hotel Xcaret and Xcaret Park, making it easy to get overwhelmed. It can be difficult to choose the right venues and figure out the right event timelines. Chapel Todos Los Angeles is located within Hotel Xcaret Mexico and is close to cocktail and reception locations.

An Xcaret, A Romantic Villa in the Mayan Ruins

An Xcaret is perfect for those who want a special and over the top romantic ceremony. The resort is located on a bay. It has riverbed formations and pools that are uniquely shaped for weddings.

The Xcaret outdoor reception

The outdoor reception at the Xcaret destination is an unforgettable experience for couples and can be enjoyed with a buffet. Wedding guests will only be charged an additional fee. There is nothing left to chance at the Occidental. A wedding planner is part of a team of experts that is charged with advising the couple in their preparations for the gathering and coordinating every action to make for an unforgettable day.

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